Building Your College Wardrobe

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The first week or two of college might seem like a fashion show, but the pomp and circumstance quickly subsides. Before you know it, everyone will be heading to class in jeans, t shirts, and yoga pants. Be sure to bring plenty of wardrobe basics, including comfortable jeans, zip up and pull over sweatshirts, light weight cotton t shirts in both long and short sleeves, and sneakers or comfortable flat shoes. College is a pretty casual environment, but there are sure to be times when you need to or want to dress up. If you have a date, for instance, or are heading out for a night with friends, a dressy top and a pair of nice shoes will be just what you need. It is also a good idea to pack a few professional pieces in graduate paper writing service. A blazer, black pants, and a button down shirt will come in handy if you need to give a presentation or if you are selected to interview a professional for a class assignment.
Avoid bringing out of season clothing to college. There is simply no place to store clothing that you are not currently using. Rather, take clothes that are appropriate for the weather and add a few pieces that can be layered on top for extra warmth. You will likely head home at least once or twice a semester to visit, and you are sure to head home for winter and spring break. These are the ideal times to swap your college wardrobe for clothing that is appropriate for the next season. It is better to have some empty space in your dorm dresser than to be stuck with suitcases full of clothing and no place to store it. Additionally, you are almost guaranteed to expand your wardrobe once you arrive at college. Sweatshirts and t-shirts with your college logo on them are bound to end up in your clothing rotation, so keep some space available to store them. You can always have mom and dad ship you anything that you need or pick up additional clothing items on your first visit home.